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Enhancing Leadership Agility and Employee Engagement

Dare2Soar Inc. empowers leaders & teams to unleash their full potential in engaging, and exciting ways. Through a dynamic suite of virtual and/or in-person leadership coaching solutions and workshops, we help you navigate your most difficult challenges in times of unprecedented change. Whether you wish to start with a workshop or go straight into a coaching experience, we are here to help you determine the best solutions to meet your needs.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, only 31% of employees in the Canadian/US workforce are engaged in their work. Leadership is at the very core of employee engagement, and thus, honing in on who you are as a leader and how those skills can be improved is vital to boosting inspiration and engagement in your workplace.

If you are looking to accomplish the following, you’ve come to the right place:

  • Increase Business Results
  • Improve Customer Experience and Loyalty
  • Drive Employee Engagement & Productivity
  • Attract, Develop, and Retain Top Talent
  • Provoke Insight to Capitalize on Unrealized Opportunity
Coaching Services Offered

Individual Coaching

The pace and complexity of change that leaders face in today’s business environment is a constant challenge. Adaptable leaders flourish in these environments with the agility required to engage and invigorate their workforce.

Individual Coaching empowers leaders think creatively and provocatively, developing the skills needed to handle the most formidable challenges. Examples of coaching topics include: Agility, Well Being, Virtual Leadership, Confidence, Influence, Courage, Accountability, Delegation, Empowerment, Decision Making, Communication, Presence, Managing Up/Down/Across, Emotional/Social Intelligence, Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness.

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Coaching Services Offered

Team Coaching

Effective Team Coaching promotes open expression, collaboration and cohesion, allowing your team to approach challenges in new and innovative ways.

Leveraging the world-renowned “Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching” (ORSC) team coaching methodology, focus is taken away from individuals, thereby deactivating blame, defensiveness and other barriers often encountered by teams. Team coaching elevates relationships, improves internal team dynamics and lifts performance and agility.

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Coaching Services Offered

Group Coaching

Group Coaching brings together colleagues and peers with similar development needs to share and learn. Collectively, members gain wisdom and confidence, boosting their potential for far greater creativity and innovation.

Group coaching is a powerful development experience utilizing the combined application of coaching, facilitation and training techniques, supported by 1-1 coaching. You can reach more leaders at a lower cost and experience far greater sustainment as compared to traditional training methods. Examples of group coaching topics include: Developing Coaching Capability, Developing Leadership Agility and Virtual Leadership.

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The Dare2Soar Coaching Experience

  • 01

    Establish Coaching Contract

  • 02

    Assessment & Discovery Intake

  • 03

    Objective Setting

  • 04

    Coaching Sessions & Mid‑Point Check In

  • 05

    Outcome & Impact Evaluation

  • 06

    Transition & Sustainment

HR Consulting

The complexity and pace of change that you encounter today has a profound effect on the Human Resources challenges that you face and the opportunities that you can leverage within your organization.

Our value proposition is unique, offering a blend of extensive human resources expertise as well as coaching expertise to provide innovative HR solutions for your business. For example: Succession Management, Resource Planning, Talent Development, Employee Experience & Engagement, Performance Management, Absenteeism Management, Attrition Management etc.

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Interactive Workshops and Keynotes

Leadership Presence

Being a leader requires you not only to act, but to inspire. Establishing that presence is of paramount importance when working to establish positive relationships with colleagues that engage, empower, and inspire.

In this workshop, Leaders can expect an increased awareness through the exploration of mindset, values, strengths, emotions, and beliefs - elements that build the very core of what it means to lead. Included is a fun and creative exercise, proven to engage audiences and promote thought. Leaders will walk away with insights and the tools necessary to develop an effective and actionable development plan.

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Interactive Workshops and Keynotes

Leader as a Coach

Command and control have taken precedence in a Leader’s playbook for some time now. However, modern Leaders intent on creating positive change know this is no longer the case. Adaptability and understanding is now the norm, and what worked in the past can no longer be relied on as a guide to future success.

Developing leadership agility is at the heart of this interactive experience. It will transform your ability to empower colleagues through non-directive coaching, unleashing their potential, innovation, and creativity. This workshop is rich in the variety of learning that takes place through inspiring video, story-telling, coaching demos, and hands-on practice. You and/or your Leaders will be introduced to an energizing coaching model and powerful coaching practices that can have an immediate and lasting impact on colleague experience and performance outcomes.

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Power of Appreciation icon
Interactive Workshops and Keynotes

The Power of Appreciation

Feeling a lack of appreciation is one of the most common reasons for employees leaving an organization. Additionally, Gallup research suggests that the more talent an employee demonstrates, the faster they may leave when compared with other disengaged employees.

The Power of Appreciation addresses this phenomenon and how it can impact your organization before you even recognize the problem. This emotionally charging experience is designed to engage leaders in the application of appreciation in practical and meaningful ways. Striking at the heart of how to inspire and retain your workforce, this experience is for any Leader or team wishing to boost morale and workplace engagement at any level of business.

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Looking for a different workshop topic than the three outlined above? Customized workshops can be created and delivered to suit your needs.

Reach out to further explore this option.

Award Winning ICF Master Certified Coach
& Accomplished Executive

Ernie Gross MCC, CHRE

Ernie Gross is the founder of Dare2Soar Inc., a Leadership Coaching and Development company focused on empowering leaders to unleash their full potential leaving a legacy of impact and respect. Ernie will stretch a leader’s thinking and help them to formulate solutions with a sense of empowerment and confidence. His coaching experience spans a variety of industries including Financial Services, Engineering & Manufacturing, Non-Profit, and Health Care.

Ernie is an accomplished, results-oriented coach with over 36 years of leadership experience. His credentials speak for themselves as an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Certified Human Resources Executive (CHRE). He is a proven, inspiring coach and leader with sound judgement, known for his natural ability to capture the hearts and minds of colleagues at all levels through to the most senior executives. Given his depth and breadth of leadership and coaching experience, he can readily relate to the challenges that leaders face.

Ernie was hand-picked by TD Bank Group’s Senior Executive to be TD’s first ever Internal Leadership Executive Coach, exemplifying his reputation. He has partnered with business leaders in the design of national coaching strategies which have won prestigious international awards including "The ICF International Prism Award" and "The Brandon Hall Gold Star Award". These accomplishments are just a few examples of what Ernie can bring to your organization.

Above all else, Ernie is a passionate, genuine, caring leader who will work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Ernie Gross

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